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The Czech Album

Czech music.

First came "the french album", then "the russian album"; now, the ATOS Trio is presenting "the czech album" with music by Dvorak and Smetana. Two trios composed amid profound human pain resulting from the loss of a beloved person.

As one of our first and certainly most-played trios, Dvorak's op. 65 has accompanied us for many years. I feel that it is one of the most beautiful piano trios there is. It is so intense and touching: one moment profoundly melancholic, then full of effervescent joy and high spirits, here beautiful cantilenas, then exhilarating dances, and yet perfectly coherent from beginning to end.
Smetana's op. 15 is moving in a very different way. The unusual beginning of the trio, with its grief-stricken violin solo, grips listeners and performers from the very first note. The contrast between the composer's grief at the loss of his daughter and his memories of her lends the music an even more tragic note. No one can escape being drawn in by this dramatic autobiographical background."
Annette von Hehn

"For me, this album, these pieces, this atmosphere, are a journey back in time: when I was 16, I spent 12 months in Prague to study. This music evokes in me both a sense of home and wanderlust."
Stefan Heinemeyer


Titel: The Czech Album

Interpret: ATOS Trio

Komponist: Smetana, Dvorak


Erscheinungsdatum: 15. März 2016

Label: Farao Classics

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